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Chelsea & Mr S Black Themed Home

Chelsea, The House That Black Built gives us a glimps of her husbands and her love affair with black in their Victorian modern home. Chelsea and Mr S did a complete renovation on this beauty and incorporated one of their favourite things, black. Lets take a look…

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What would you call your design style?

Modern Victorian with a twist! Our house was built somewhere between 1875 and 1890 and has so much beautiful Victorian character and charm remaining we wanted to honour that but also make it modern and fit with our own aesthetic. The twist comes as we always like to do something a little different and unexpected – whether that’s our house number tiled into our kitchen floor, the full foliage wall in our Garden Room or a black ceiling in the bedroom.

When did you fall in love with the colour black and want to add it to your home?

Ooooohh I think my late teens/early 20’s. I was never Goth but I’ve always been really into black clothing. When Mr S and I got together it got worse (better? haha) as he loves the colour black too. We didn’t immediately add it to the house though, we kept it super ‘safe’ to start with and only added a few black access or pieces of furniture. I think we just slowly realised that any other colours we’d chosen previous just weren’t us and anytime we did anything black we loved it. So we just added more and more!

Have you always love interiors or did it grow at a later stage?

my mum has always been really into interiors and should have been an interior designer. We’ve always had a beautiful and stylish family home which I appreciated but I don’t think I was ever THAT into it until we got our own place. Then I was OBSESSED and mum laughs and says I’m just like her now.

What’s your favourite trend at the moment?
Seasonally, its foliage. I’m not a big seasonal decorator, I don’t change my house with the seasons or decorate for Easter or Halloween or anything like that. I don’t really like Christmas décor that much either but I looooooove love love fresh greens so I like to go a bit extra with the size of the tree (but just lights for me!) and then some form of simple but statement garland. Insta has really stepped it up this year with the fireplace and stair garlands and that’s always amazing to see.
In terms of interiors, I’m not a huge trend follower. I never really know what’s ‘in’, especially when it comes to colour haha (when is black gonna be the ‘colour of the year’ already?!) But I guess one I have picked up on and love is cane webbing! we made over our master bedroom in summer (black ceiling) and used quite a bit of cane webbing and I love it. I hope it stays for a bit and is quite classic so I think it will!

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The House That Black Built