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The Process

Traditional Interior

Are you interested in our full interior design service to transform your home? From managing your entire residential project from initial concept, hands-on installation, through to completion.

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Traditional Design Service In London

Services Include:

  • Moodboard
  • In-Person Consultation
  • 3d Visuals
  • To Scale Floorplan
  • Measuring Service
  • Sourcing & Liaising With Tradesmen
  • Product Purchasing
  • Days at Project
  • Management of Design

On-Site Service

Wise Owl Interiors are here to give you a hands-on interior design service at an affordable cost that is made simple.

Whether you are designing a renovation, an entire home or one room we’ll deliver a complete design to detail within your budget.

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The Costs

Wise Owl Interiors Traditional Design


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