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Emma’s cosy Scandi Home

Lets begin our tour round the wonderfull Emma White’s home, Blogger of Apogee Interiors and interior addict! Her taste ranges from Scandi to raw industrial and she has no fear to embrace her creativity in her home. So lets have a snoop around…

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What was the inspiration for your inspiration?

Usually Instagram and Pinterest, but they can sometimes give you too much inspiration. I like to take my colour palette from quite natural, earthy tones which I see/find on my travels.

How do you tackle a room at the beginning?

I always look at the function of the space. Who will be mainly using it and what is it going to be used for. For example, our bedroom is somewhere to relax and unwind. So I added lots of different textures and little colour. Whereas our lounge is more of our entertaining space, so I’ve picked out statement pieces and more colours making it feel more fun.

What’s your best advice for creating a home like yours?

Pick items because you love them, not just because they’re on trend/in-fashion. This will save you in the long run having to change pieces if you get bored (talking from experience). Also take your time picking these pieces. We hear of slow styling in fashion, but I think this can be translated across when designing our homes.

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