10 Design Lessons You Should Learn On Furniture Placement | Wise Owl Interiors

Some things we don’t tend to think of when designing a room and maybe zoning furniture into a space isn’t one of them. There is even a guideline on how to do this believe it or not! So it’s not a simple as it seems.

I thought what better way to find out the best tips than getting an expert on space planning to give you the low down! Topology Interiors consist of designers both Athina and Amy, they have collaborated with big brands such as MADE.COM, Habitat, West Elm, HM Home and more recently IKEA. So here’s their top 10 tips and how to get your furniture placed perfectly in your home.

Photo Credit: @bekkylonsdalephoto

TOP 10


Make sure your rug is wider than your sofa otherwise you run the risk of it being outshone and insignificant.


Always leave a minimum of 60cm between items of furniture you need to walk between e.g. end of a bed & a wall, between sofa & a chair.


Leave a minimum of 190cm between your television and the front of your sofa.


Furniture placement should be practical and stylish – don’t add pieces where they don’t make sense e.g. a mirror above a bed.


Plan out furniture placement by putting masking tape on the floor (to scale) in the areas where items would go – sometimes what you think can work realistically won’t when you visualise it like this.


Try and bring furniture away from the walls, it’s a natural instinct to do not do this, but sometimes bringing a table or a sofa into the middle of the room and planning the placement around it, can be much more liberating and open.


Add a mirror opposite a window to increase light into a space – it will make it look bigger too!


Think about dead space, unused corners & awkward areas – make the most of them and draw attention to them, not away from them – embrace them! E.g. add corner shelving, a reading nook, home office etc in these areas.


You’re stuck on how to bring a room together, add a rug underneath the bed, it will add instant oomph!


You have a wall-mounted TV above a fireplace, ensure your sofa is far away enough to not give you neck strain looking upwards.


If you have a home office, ensure your desk is not facing a wall – place your sofa parallel to or opposite a window to boost productivity as exposure to light is crucial for your wellbeing.