2019 Design Highlights | Wise Owl Interiors

Didn’t manage to make it to 100% Design? Have no fear I’m here with a recap for you. Last month all us interior addicts, interior designers, stylists made our way to check out all the latest design innovations, trends, concepts and more…

What caught my eye I can hear you asking, well there were a few common themes while I was at the events; Sustainability, Colour Trend and quirky themed fabrics.


2019 Design Highlights

Tapio Anttila collection as part of a sense of Finland exhibition


Sustainability of Finland

You may or may not know that Finland for a second year running has been voted as the happiest country in the world! Looks like I might be moving to Finland if that’s the case! Known for their unique style it was incredible to see a touch of design from the happiest county. Focusing on an eco-home, HEMLO collaborated with Tapio Anttila collection and polar life haus to create a stunning eco-log house. Sustainability plays a key focus nowadays and is something I defo think about when designing, it easy to see that the upcoming year of 2020 is heading for a home focused around a well-being lifestyle. Hats off to the Finns!


Colour Trend alert!

2019 Design Highlights 1

Talking of well-being, green was on the radar all over this year’s design festival. 2LG designed this gorgeous set at 100% Design. Not only do these guys focus on sustainability but colour is also a key focus when it comes to their designs. Since green is very much a purposeful colour its fab to take the trend into our homes. The association green has with nature really compliments the element of the outside in.
2019 Design Highlights 2

London Underground theme…

Who’d of thought it hey, the London Underground seat patterns are in, and look pretty damn cool!. Kirkby Design teamed up with TFL to create this amazing velvet upholstery based on original tube and tram seat moquettes. It’s looking like retro-inspired designs will be heading out way and velvet is heading our way!
Keep your eyes peeled to see more of these designs popping up. I’m sure you’ll be spotting them everywhere now, I know I am.