3 Living Room Layouts You Need To Know About! | Wise Owl Interiors

Are you rearranging or decorating your lounge? Feel inspired but these 3 handy tricks in laying out your living room.

A living room is normally the natural hang out area if you are with family, friends or entertaining guests apart from the kitchen. Let’s say its more of the cosy spot to relax in and who wouldn’t want that area to be as inviting as possible. Stick with me and you’ll get 3 awesome layouts you can try out in your own home.


Heres a few tips to think about:
Traffic flow
How do you want people to move around in the space?
Focal point
That sweet spot that draws the eye in!
The size of your furniture, this is a big deal when it comes to arranging it!

Living room layout
Layout 1 – U-shape area

This is a fab way to arrange seating for families or if you are in a flatshare, its probably the most social layout of all 3. To create that U-shape flow we all want a living room a sectional sofa is used alongside an armchair. Using a rug underneath anchors the seating arrangements, creating a sense of togetherness ready for that Friday night wine night!

Living room layout
Layout 2 – Focal point

Here the sofa faces the focal point of the room, the focal point can be anything – a built-in bookcase, a piece of art or TV it’s basically something that catches your eye as soon as you enter the room!. We chose a TV unit (especially for you movie buffs). This layout encourages you to draw your attention to the focal point of the room. Try not to forget your traffic flow aka the flow of how you walk in/out of the room when you do this. If you have two entrances to the room keep that area furniture free so the social hub of your living room isn’t disturbed, normally from that person exiting the room multiple time during your film binge.

Living room layout
Layout 3 – Mirroring U-shape

This is great if you have a larger living room. Mixing up sofas and armchairs can help create that U-shape, is all about using the seating to incorporate a U-shape dynamic in the room. Mirroring the sofas opposite one another creates the U-shape while accent chairs are in the direction of the focal point of the room. Its a really nice cosy feel ready for those winter days!