5 modern living room ideas for 2020 | Wise Owl Interiors

Are you always looking at your living room and wishing you could have designed the space in a completely different way?

There are so many unique design styles out there you cant help yourself to want to revamp your living room! Most modern living rooms work with functionality as well as style. Let’s dive in and check out the latest modern living rooms ideas for 2020 and check in with what other interior addicts have to say!


Photo credit: Debenhams – Check out my post on Debenhams homeware here

When you think of abstract, think bold geometrics, hand-drawn sketches and playful blocks of colour it’s all about expressing your personality. What more would you want in a modern living room? Bold patterns and punchy colours create a fun environment to relax in, this style really does evoke emotion and creates a powerful mood.

The colour palette & styling

This trend allows you to be bold with colours, shapes and prints: try burnished red with navy or mustard.


Eclectic glamour

Photo Credit: Strada

This trend is turning it up a notch for 2020 bold, confident and sassy a perfect design to jazz up your living room but in a modern way. It’s all about shapely furniture with rounded curves creating an elegant style, think scalloped shell backs to armchairs and soft edges. A somewhat 1920 glamour revival!

The colour palette & styling

This is all about rich tones like navy mixed with warmer tones such as rose and bronzes and adding metallic accents. Interior Fox say…

“The best way to really mix eclecticism with glamour is to pay attention to the finish of the products. We all know that eclectic can go a lot of different ways really quick, from granny chic to fisherman’s cabin, but the thing to pay attention is the raw materials and their finishes.

For example, not all wood materials end up looking the same, it can be painted in high gloss, kept raw, or sanded to a pristine finish, and these subtle differences really que the design language of the space. So a nice way to achieve a slightly more glamorous look is to use polished brass finishes, simple mirrors, a variety of textures within your fabric choices, and a subtle mismatch of artwork. Clean lines around the room also allow a base for the more chaotic pieces to thrive. The idea is still to be eclectic with a variety of styles + objects that can be moved around and interchanged but the beauty will come from the refinement of the materials!”



Photo Credit: H&M Home

This trend is becoming a massive stand out trend, subtle elements of this design have appeared in design festivals but it’s now about to make its impact as a stand out trend. A complete mash-up of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, Japandi is a mixture of the two trends bringing together the best out of these amazing styles! Ideal if you are looking to making your living room a sanctuary and you enjoy a less-is-more approach with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette.

The colour palette & styling

This style really embraces calming tones muted green, light grey, pink accents and pale blue. with accents of deeper shaded emerald, rust etc. Light Scandi woods work well along with a more traditional Japanese style dark woods. Bamboo and soft lighting looks great when styling the living room


Structured Nordic

Photo Credit: Stadshem

Neutrals galore! Grey may have had its day when it comes to Nordic design as we look to create a calm yet uplifting modern living room that we retreat back to after a long day of work. Its all about creating a calm and comfy chilled out space, thinking about pared-back pieces and considered choices that are aware of sustainability. 

The colour palette & styling

Its time to embrace warm neutral oatmeal and beiges its a perfect to build on Katie from Hello Haus tells us more…

“Scandinavian living is all about using natural materials, a neutral colour palette and creating “hygge” in your home.

To get that simple paired back Nordic look think about using light oak, beech and ash for your furniture and floors. Pair it with neutral tones in your walls and accessories to keep it feeling light and bright.
Maintaining simplicity is key. Minimise your accessories and think less is more. Love every piece you have on display.

Hygge (the Danish term for cosy and content) is at the heart of any Nordic home. Think cosy blankets, sheepskins, cushions, lots of candles and rugs.
Creating warmth through texture and candlelight is at the heart of this style. My top tip is to keep to 2 or 3 colours maximum and use a variety of textures and tones to keep it interesting and luxurious.

Nordic design is uncomplicated but delivers big on style and comfort.”

Retro Revival

Photo Credit: Barker and Stonehouse

The trend that just keeps giving. Yes, retro revival is here to stay for another year. Think Mid-Century meets 70s art deco and 50s design incorporating what Bauhaus is known for cleans lines/simplicity yet stylish a real statement yet modern and classic design to incorporate in a modern living room.

The colour palette & styling

Mustard is a key colour in interiors at the moment matched with richer tones such as night green. Try stying with geometric prints to get that Bauhaus feel.