5 Things Every Home Needs | Wise Owl Interiors

Calling all interior buffs, this one is for you!

Looking to freshen up your home? or you’re moving into your new property, there are those little things that can completely transform a flat or house into a home which gives it that wow!

So enough of the gassing lets get into the nitty-gritty of what those essential things are!

Soft Furnishings


A staple in every home; they combine cosiness and comfort to create a relaxing space making any room look more appealing to the eye. Simply adding cushions can revamp a living room and make your sofa a point of interest. The real key is in clever selections and arrangements of furnishings. You can make or break a room and you really need to gauge the colour palette of the space before your cushions are arranged.


Monochrome Combo


As far as combinations go, this is a classic. We see a vast variety of colours in our everyday life and the use of certain colours determine how we can perceive a room. The colour white is easy to represent and is likely to be present in most rooms; adding black can be a daunting thought, but it can come in any form, a mirror… furniture…vase. Adding monochrome combo screams sophistication.


A Personal Touch


Personal touches show who you are as an individual and are key in making a home yours. When a home starts to reflect the owner it can become interesting and unique; leave your mark, tell your story. Homes may show a personal interest or hobby to a gallery of family photographs or a variety of art. Adding personal touches will make your house become a home.


Something Bold!


Bold orange sofas might not be for everyone, but every home should have at least one statement and stunning element that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether this is bright colour furnishing, a striking wallpaper, a unique quirky vintage find or a mismatched furniture piece, your décor should include at least one choice that feels a bit risqué.