Looking To Brighten A Room, Here's How | Wise Owl Interiors

Let There Be Light!

Isn’t there always that one room in your house that is sort of lurking in the shadows and you think how the heck can I brighten this place up! There are so many ways to do this but a lot of us revert to the standard thing and paint the whole room white when we want to brighten a space.

Not to worry, I’ll let you in with a few secrets that I can share with you if you don’t want to resort to the same old…. a white room.

These tips should help you get along the right path to create that beautiful brightness you need.



Adding Light Curtains

This is a pretty simple one, If you have thick curtains this isn’t really doing you any favors when you want to create a light space, they do keep the heat in but they will also block any light coming into space. If you are looking to boost the amount of light in your room, it might be worth considering swapping those heavy curtains to lighter ones that allow light to filter into the room. Another option is adding blinds or shutters to the space and allows you to change the quantity of light that enters the room.


The Flooring

Like walls, lightening your floors can make a massive difference to a dark space. This is one thing I would say that’s overlooked when you want to brighten your room, paler colours on the floor increase how light a room looks. I have to say I love a whitewashed distressed laminate. Saying that, if a more classic look is for you, a lighter wood flooring can do the trick or painted floorboard are a beautiful idea and work well with lots of different styles such as Modern to Scandi to French.


Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors are a little bit of an obvious choice when it comes to adding light to a room, hanging a large mirror directly across from the largest window in your room can definitely double the amount of sunlight. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can arrange a selection of smaller mirrors to help brighten a space, like a dark staircase. There’s more…another tip is to add reflective materials can do wonders. Materials like metallics or light reflecting tiles can naturally reflect light, it might no be a dramatic effect but there will certainly be a subtle increase of light.



Lighting can either be a godsend to you or a disaster but just adding loads of lights isn’t the answer to creating a bright space. Carefully think about where you are placing your light fixtures, for example using overhead lighting can highlight the darkness of a room rather than disguise it. I have to say harsh lighting is a bit of a no no, try replacing it with warm, soft lighting and indirect lighting aimed upwards (a floor lamp is always a win) they can make up the lack of light on the ceiling.


Trim Trees & Bushes Near Windows

Trimming trees or bushes by your window is one that can easily be forgotten as it’s a bit of a weird one as it’s not actually in the room but if light can’t reach your window, it definitely won’t brighten the space. If you have large trees or bushes that are hanging by your window, you might want to think about giving them a buzz or completely remove them altogether if they are really wild! One thing to double check is if you need planning permission to do this and check with you neighbour first if the tree that’s overhanging and blocking light isn’t in your garden.