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modern timeless living room

In an age where trends are constantly changing, it’s difficult to create a home that will last the test of time. A lot of the time we are so focused on what’s popular to the point where we find ourselves changing our interiors regularly. This is not only expensive, but it also isn’t sustainable. So, how do we create timeless design? In this post, I have come up with a few easy ways to help you achieve timelessness in your home.

But first, what does timeless mean?

Timelessness is often seen as creating a sense of luxury whilst creating a space that is sustainable and practical. Functionality and Design come together to create a space that sticks with you through time. However, creating a timeless design doesn’t mean not being able to change it. It’s about creating a space that will last for years and can be easily bought up to date with accessories and accents.

Functionality comes first

It may not be fun to consider things like energy efficiency, storage and durability. However, it is important to prioritise how you use a room to create an interior that will easily work with your lifestyle for a long time. It is possible to create a beautiful space without compromising on practicality. Before picking items to fill your room with, you should gain an understanding of what the room is regularly used for. For example, if you and your partner’s dining room is used more for playing board games with your friends than it is for eating meals as two, then maybe opt for a large dining room table instead of a table fit for only two people. Placing function first will allow your space to work alongside your lifestyle, therefore wanting you to keep your home the way it is for longer.

timeless functional modern dining room

Curate your space

Timeless interior design

It is extremely important to fill your room with things that you love. They should be pieces that you have collected over the years that mean something to you. These can be pieces you collect on your travels or things you saw and instantly fell in love with, regardless of whether it was in trend or not. Pieces that you have an attachment to, will last in your home much longer than pieces you buy and don’t care for. Your home should look intentional and thoughtfully designed with yourself in mind. Having interesting pieces that you have memories with also makes it a lot more interesting to people that come into your home. It also means that you form an attachment and likeness to your space, making it last a lot longer.

Be inspired but not bound to interior design trends

Emerging trends often provide useful ideas that we can take as inspiration for our homes, but it doesn’t mean we should be led by them.  A common analogy is to think of your home as a mannequin. The house itself is the mannequin and the little details and accessories are the clothes that you can easily switch in and out as things trend. Instead, seek out designs that are ‘classic,’ that were created in colours, styles and interiors that were made to last. Often, going for those slightly better finishes and materials is a better financial decision than keeping up with the ever-changing trends.

Classic timeless interior design kitchen

Neutral colours are the way to go

Neutral timeless interior design modern living room

Just like style, colours can fall in and out of fashion. Neutral colours have a way of creating a soft and calming feel which makes us feel safe and can reduce anxiety. Why would you want to constantly redecorate a room that makes you feel good? Also, neutral colours can be a lot easier to tie artwork, a whole room or even different spaces together. Being so easy on the eyes allows the room to be easily taken in in its entirety. This creates a visual flow that is harder to do with “loud” colours. However, if you like colour, don’t get rid of it! Incorporate it into your room as an accent colour. This can be done with decor or small pieces of furniture.

Most importantly, your home should reflect you!

In any case, it is important to have items that you like. Be careful to make sure that you have incorporated your personal style that reflects your personality. This will help to create a timeless interior that you will always love and enjoy being in.

Now you are set with all the tips in hand to recreate your timeless interior for your home!