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Cluttered space cluttered mind!

That’s how the saying goes. With so many of us working from home in these uncertain times we need to take care of the space we are spending most our time in. Having an organised desk looks more inviting but will also motivate you to get working! Fear not! Check out these smart desk organisation ideas for an effective way to tidy up your workspace/home office so you’re starting your day stress-free.

Get that work station organised

pinboard and hook holders

Photo Credit: Grillo Designs

Being organised doesn’t mean everything has to be stored away. There are so many creative ways to keep your desk looking organised. Why not add hanging organisers to your wall. Attach a cork board where you can pin your calendar, to-do list, daily schedule so it’s all in clear view.

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Multifunctional storage

Photo Credit: My Scandinavian Home

Don’t just limit yourself to your desk to be organised there are other ways to keep the clutter off. Wall hooks and baskets can help you do this, that way you have plenty of space to work from.

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wooden pegboard

Photo Credit:Domino

It’s time to get creative! Using a pegboard as a backdrop is a great way to do this. Not only can you store your supplies from your workspace you can also hang decorations creating a stylish storage area. To get the most out of your pegboard attach wire baskets, shelves or even cup holders.

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Hang a shelf over your desk

Ikea shelf scandi design

Photo Credit: Ikea

Take your workspace to the next level by expanding your area by adding a shelf above your desk making room to store tech, books, plants or artwork. Having a shelf will allow you to easily swap items back and forth so you have exactly what you need to hand.

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Drawer dividers

Drawer Dividers

Photo Credit: Tadbits

Tackle the madness in that desk with organisers. It’s all about compartments making it easier for you to grab what you need in your home office! A little hack of mine is to use a cutlery tray.

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I’d love to hear how you get on! Feel free to drop a comment below!


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