Interior Trends for 2022 | Wise Owl Interiors

A new season is here and what does that mean? A new year and a new home refresh, some people might like to refresh their wardrobes but I know you interior lovers have other ideas.

With 2 difficult years behind us, we have learnt more than ever that it’s essential to create a home that suits us. So this is the year to tap into what we learned and embrace adapting our home as they continue to fulfil their hybrid role of both living and working spaces.

Here’s the prediction of what the interior trends are for 2022…

Brown Interior 2022

Shades of Browns

That’s right browns are back! Neutrals are taking a little bit of a backseat this year. Don’t worry neutral lovers the palette is staying very close to hues you find in nature. Just think Chocolate browns, camels and caramels!

Dulux Blue Skies Bedroom

All The Blues

Nature is still continuing to grow throughout 2022 and shades of blue are at the forefront increasing our connection to the outside landscape. Airy shades of blue create a fresh feeling and bring an uplifting and hopeful mode to any room. Dulux is leading the way with their 2022 colour of the year Bright Skies, this is a shade that transforms your home into a safe retreat and tranquil space.

Curved Furniture 2022

Curves Are Here to Stay

Think squishy sofas, snuggly fabric and curvy shapes. This quirky and cool cocooning type of furniture is here to stay for the rest of the year. After 2021 I think it’s safe to say we are all looking for something that screams homely comfort!

Earth Green Interior 2022

Nature and Earthy Greens

This has been a trend we have been speaking about for quite a while and we are continuing to embrace it. The connection we have with nature and reflecting a space that includes this in our homes has never been more important. It can sometimes be daunting incorporating taking the plunge and adding a colour like green to your room but there are a vast amount of green nature-inspired tones. If you are still feeling overwhelmed but love the colour you can always add cushionsprints and decorative items, such as vases and candlesticks in your chosen green.

Retro 70s Interiors Living Room

A Retro Return 

The ’70s are back! We’ve seen it on the catwalk now it’s entering the home. It has been making a subtle way back the past year with headboards and tub chairs but now it’s going to be a big look, think bold prints, curvaceous furniture and luxe accents of velvet, brushed brass and glass. Another massive nod to the ’70s is tinted glass, you may have seen this creeping in through tableware as well as lighting, try experimenting with layers and styles to keep it looking fresh and new.

Coloue Blocking Interior 2022

Colour Blocking

Are you feeling adventurous? Set for 2022 we are getting more out there with colours in all the rooms in our homes. A huge trend for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens is to drown the entire room in one colour, doing this creates a seamless space and when I say entire room I mean entire room. Walls, radiators picture rails and skirting boards in the same shade. We are now seeing more and more homes embrace this style being braver with colour choices. A top tip would be to start with a small room so you can introduce this slowly and incorporate your style in baby steps.