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Pink Bedroom Inspo

Pink interiors have become a major colour scheme option when it comes to designing a bedroom. Say no more to pink bedrooms being limited to the nursery or little girls bedrooms, pink has grown up and made its way into creating a dream bedroom for all! Here are some ideas on how to get that pink bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Pink bedroom feature wall with abstract cushions a prints

Photo Credit: Farrow & Ball

1. Feature Wall
Adding colour to walls is a classic go-to, it has the ability to transform the atmosphere and the style of a room especially in an eye-catching feature wall. Go beyond just adding pink artwork and get creative creating a show-stopping feature wall.

Top Paints:

Farrow & ball sulking room pink


Farrow & Ball – Sulking Room Pink


Dulux – Dusted Fondant


Green bedroom with pink cushions and throw

Photo Credit: Home of Corr

2. Start With A Cushion
If you’re not too keen on going all out pink why not try and add elements of pink around the room. A subtle start can be adding in soft furnishings like cushions to transform your space, adding only small hints of pink to a design can change the look but ensures that the design doesn’t stray too far into girlie territory.

Why not check out these cushions:

Maison Du Monde - SAKUN pink cushion


Maison Du Monde – SAKUN 40×40


MADE.COM – Dorin Set of 2 Cushions 45x45cm



pink and monochrome bedroom

Photo Credit: Dove Cottage Blog

3. Layer With Monochrome
Another way to keep pink classy in design is to incorporate it with a monochrome scheme. This works well when combining with a somewhat neutral pink creating a contrast which leaves the space looking calm and sophisticated.

My picks

Monochrome spot bedspread

Habitat -Sicilia Black spot bedspread 200 x 200CM



La Redoute -Summery Cushion Cover 40×40



Pink bedroom with mid century furniture

Photo Credit: Kate Lavie

4. Combine with midcentury furniture classics
60s & 70s interior is on the revival and what better way to match your pink walls with midcentury furniture. Bringing in this classic furniture with pink forms a design that has glamour and tones that compliment each other extremely well.

Terracotta pink bedroomPhoto Credit: Home Design

5. Match blush pinks with hints of terracotta
Terracotta and brick red tone work wonderfully with coral and cool neutrals. Designing a room in this way creates a rustic feel but oozes warm into the bedroom.

Top Accessories:

terracotta shell vase

Not-Another-Bill – HK Living Shell Vase



Habitat -Rich Pink Glass Table Lamp Pink


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