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Renting Tricks

This one is for all you renters out there. I caught up with the lovely Forward Features who is about to give you the down-low on making a rented home more your own, over to you fellas…

Creating a rented home that shines with your personality is so important. Art is a simple way to revamp a space and although many may feel that there are restrictions from your landlord on touching the walls, there are simple tips and tricks to get around this.

Renters Tip 1

Firstly, if hanging art is a no-go then simply lean framed art or canvas’ on top of a surface such as a sideboard or desk.

Avoid losing your deposit and steer clear of bashing holes into the wall by using nifty wall-hanging strips. Velcro pads, like Command Strips, work wonders and ensure that the walls won’t be damaged. Alternatively, use Velcro hooks to hang fairy lights and bunting style decorations.

Renters Tip 2

Select and mix-up frames in a variety of colours to create a quirky and eclectic look. Looking for impact? Create a feature display using multiple artworks or photos in one area. A gallery wall completely transforms a white wall into an impactful statement.

But remember, art doesn’t need to be expensive. Curate clippings, mementos and postcards collected from over the years. Posters are great too. Yes, they may at times remind you of your teenage bedroom, but framed posters look amazing. The same goes with vinyl records, which have had a recent revival. You can pick up cost-effective square frames from lots of high-street retailers and vinyl covers look great lined up on a wall.

No need to fear a rented white wall any longer, art is a simple and accessible way for making a rented property an inspiring home.

– David White and Mark Russell, Bloggers at Forward Features,