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Tonal Interiors

If you’re loving that neutral palette but think its a bit tricky to pull off as you don’t want your space looking too cold but you’re also a bit of a colour phobe. I’ve got you covered, I’ll share my tips on achieving the best way for you to stay tonal!


Nailing your wall colour – Before going on your mission to splash on the paint consider the chosen paints undertones. It all depends on light, for example, south-facing rooms may benefit from a cooler shade helping them feel bright and breezy. North facing rooms, on the other hand, might need warming up! TOP TIP: If you are seeking a tonal look, avoid bright white ceilings and woodwork.


Contrast – Try and use neutrals like cream, light browns and greys to create a calming warm tonal atmosphere that contrast your chosen paint. Use different textures and patterns to make the space more interesting while creating versatility.

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Gold Modern Sofa


Layering – Get your layer on! Start styling your space with lots of different textures, the more textures the better I say! Materials like rattan wool, suede and wood are my go to.

Using the above tips throughout all areas where you want to create that tonal interior look you can create your own distinct design language to make your home totally unique to your own style and preferences.

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