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Its official, Summer is here!

We have had some amazing weather for the last few weeks and since all of us are now more than ever spending time at home why not start jazzing up those balconies of yours! Let’s show that balcony some needed love no matter how large or small ready for alfresco dining chilled out evenings or somewhere to unwind with a book.

Small balcony with lanterns and plants

1.Glow up

As the nights get lighter and warmer you’re more likely to spend that little bit longer chilling out on your little outdoor space. When the evenings darken add some lanterns, scented candles or tealights to your balcony. You’ll then make the most of your space especially if you’re looking for that alfresco romantic dining feel or creating a cosy space.

2.Space smart

Balconies can be fairly small but there are some amazing hacks so your outdoor haven doesn’t feel cramped. Opt for a wall-hung dining table which can be folded down when you’re not using it. Stackable stools or even using wall hooks to stack fold away chairs can be a life hack! If you have a larger balcony modular corner units will be perfect for you, they can be arranged however you like for those larger gatherings.

3. Let the inside out

Yes, normally its let the outdoors in but in this case we are flipping it around a little. One of the easiest ways to transform your balcony is to purchase an outdoor rug. It can completely spruce up a balcony, especially if the floor wasn’t amazing to begin with it and it also creates that cosy feeling I know you all love.

Balcony with black feature wall and outdoor furniture

Image credit: Trendenser

4.Green fingers

Well, a balcony wouldn’t be a balcony without some botanicals now would it? Get your green fingers at the ready! Trailing plants are a complete win for a balcony they create a stunning curtain of colour and texture, the neighbours will be so jealous! Doing this is also a massive space saver as they can be placed in hanging pots. I’m all about adding height to create something interesting for the eye so elevate your botanicals with planters on stands to create that focal point.

5.Soft furnishings

Adding some well-chosen accessories makes a difference anywhere in your home, your balcony is essentially an extension of your home so don’t forget this when revamping your outside space. Scatter some outdoor cushions for your seating area and keep a cosy throw aside for this chilling evenings when you want to relax and snuggle down watching the stars.

Image credit: Best Interior Designers


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